Hedge Trimming & Maintenance

Hedge Maintenance Services

At Ace of Spades Garden Service we can provide you with a range of Hedge Trimming services, including a one-off hedge trim, planting hedges or shrubs, or regular maintenance for your entire garden and boundaries.

Hedges can be an excellent choice for marking your boundary property, allowing a much more natural appearance than a wall or fence, however, for a hedge to blend into your garden seamlessly, they require careful selection and maintenance, which is where our expertise comes in. We have extensive experience in hedge and shrub maintenance, planting & removals, allowing your gardens to look superb all year round.

Hedge Trimming
We know that it is vitally important not to trim a hedge back too much in one go, we highly recommend that no more than 50% should be cut in any given season, meaning that with our experience, we can ensure over time that your hedges & shrubs thrive, giving your garden a healthy, well looked after appearance.

Hedge Removal
If you have just moved into a new home, or if you have decided that you no longer require either part or all of your current hedge, we can provide the efficient removal of your hedge.

Other gardening services which we provide include:


For full details, or if you require a quote for any of our services, you can contact us using our online form or give us a call us on 07825817306.


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